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All of our products are manufactured and packaged on site in Puyricard, utilizing strict hygiene standards.

All our dishes are cooked in the traditional way, and guaranteed to be without preservatives.

Within 90 minutes after cooking, the dishes are immediately cooled to less than 4 ° C. Next, they are packed in hermetically sealed containers with food grade lids and are then put directly in cold storage.
So, there is no further food handling until the opening of the trays.
All this to assure that you have perfect hygiene for your food.
For the transport of these foods, we are equipped with a refrigerated vehicle Class A (0 ° C or lower in temperature) in order to retain the coldness without disprution.

The trays are designed to go in the microwave. Remember to pierce the membrane prior to heating your food.

It is in compliance with these standards that we offer our meals, retaining their taste and nutritional qualities.
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Aix Ouest : 500, Route de Berre, 13090 Aix en Provence. Tél : 04 42 52 65 50
Aix Nord : 1310, Route du Puy Ste Réparade 14540 Puyricard. Tél : 04 42 28 45 29