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A childhood in Vietnam, carefree and playful refined in me a spirit of independence and freedom.As a boy I loved food,  and I watched with great attention to my mother and grandmother when they were preparing  meals for the whole family.

My attraction to smells, spicy scents, and tastes "sweet and sour" began at an early age.

When there was no school, I went fishing with my father and my brother. We filled our wicker baskets of fish of all colors and I knew how Mom was going to cook them.

In the market of Saigon, I would visit my aunt who was a traveling kitchen, again I felt the wave of odors that have marked my memory.

My father from Atlantic Loire Valley, brought another stone to my construction by making me discover the flavors of the deep France.
This fusion allows me today to give my business a very personal aspect.

Cooking has become for me a means of communication with others and has been refined over time by meetings with top chefs and learning from their experiences.

My appetite for the culinary arts is also motivated by the desire simply to please. The satisfaction of a customer who finds a special flavor in my kitchen after a visit is enough for me.

Friendliness is also a motivator and it's found in satisfying my customers by sharing with them my recipes from my culinary memories.

My job has given me the opportunity to travel, especially in Latin America where the discovery of new products and new flavors allowed me to introduce other tastes in my kitchen. So I offer you the chance in my restaurants, to enjoy a truely exotic menu.

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